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Let's start this like you would a conversation over a cortado (small espresso drink). Climbing, photography, jazz, and road cycling are all quite fun. My photography reflects these interests. I'd like to get into randonneuring soon. I have a Brooks saddle on my commuter bike and I recently learned that my grandpa rode the famed Lands End to John o' Groats ride twice in the 40s with the same B17. I’ve gotta do that. Those are a few important things to know about me.

Also important to know...although, I have more of a background in studio work, I believe journalistic photo essays mixing environmental portraits and studio portraits produced on location yield more impactful work. Accordingly, these days I view a studio as a lab to experiment with lighting and surrealism, but on location..that's where the core work is done. I frequently create makeshift field studios on location, and continually try to find the middle of the venn diagram between studio and location work. Recently, I've become interested in utilizing photography to communicate diversity amongst outdoor recreationalists, a demographic that has historically lacked diversity. In July 2018, I competed a photo essay titled "Diversity In A Criterium" which documented and celebrated diversity amongst cyclists at a major criterium race on the streets of Chicago, IL.

I graduated from Indiana University in 2017 where I studied Anthropology, Geography, and the Liberal Arts Management Program. I still regret that I did not ride in Little 5. I see photography as a medium that can uniquely accompany traditional, written research. Soon I want to begin a Ph.D program incorporating aspects of Visual Anthropology, an emerging subfield of Anthropology that utilizes photography as an additional methodology communicate and record field research.

Reach out if you are interested in collaborating or assisting. We'll probably go see some jazz afterwards.